Service & Repair Customer Testimonial from Thomas K. in Lancaster, PA

My pleasant experience with Millers & Sons began with the very first contact. Laura took my call about our water softener. I described the problem and the noise coming from the top of the softener. She patiently waited while I went into the basement to get the model number of the unit. We then proceeded to schedule the appointment for a convenient time that involved only a one hour window so it did not tie up an extended period of time.
One half hour before the appointment, Mike called to confirm his time of arrival. He showed up right on time. Amazingly, he was holding in his hand a replacement of the malfunctioning part. Based on his experience and my description, he had been able to identify the most probable cause of the problem. We went into the basement and indeed, the part did match. We then discussed additional alternatives with different softener systems so that I could make an informed decision. Mike then went on to replace the part which cost $130.00. During the repair, we noticed a slightly dripping faucet and he fixed that too. The entire service visit was completed in about one half hour with no other issues. There was no need to order parts or make additional visits. 
Everyone at Millers & Sons was courteous, responsive and anticipated our needs. It was a clear demonstration of Miller & Sons’ ability to provide superior customer service and an overall satisfying experience.

- Thomas K. of Lancaster, PA
Monday, August 19th

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