Installation Customer Testimonial from Russell H. in Leola, PA

I was initially hesitant about purchasing a water softener. I didn't think I needed one even though my water had a hardness of 35. I thought I could live with spots on my dishes and scale buildup around my faucets. In the end my decision to have a unit installed came down to financials. I learned that hard water does more than leaves spots on your dishes it also destroys your water heater and dishwasher. I decided water softener was a better investment than replacing other appliances more often. One unexpected benefit is that my hair has become noticeably softer which the ladies seem to like. Miller & Sons installed my water softener and the technician was neat and courteous. After he was done installing the softener he explained how it worked and what I needed to do to keep it running. I would highly recommend Miller & Sons to anyone considering a water conditioning system

- Russell H. of Leola, PA
Monday, August 19th

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